Medical Coding

Medical Coding & Medical Billing

Medical coding is the lifeblood of any successful medical facility, but accurate medical billing is only one of many important benefits of accurate coding. On a global scale, accurate coding allows the healthcare industry to analyze disease patterns and study treatment outcomes. On the local level, accurate medical billing can be used to gather valuable operational data about your individual medical practice, types of care provided and patient needs.

Why Hire a Professional Medical Coding Service?

The key word is professional. Medical billing and coding continue to gain importance as regulations change under legislation such as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA). Every time a patient receives care in a physician’s office, the coder checks a variety of sources within the patient’s medical record to verify the work that was done and then they must assign CPT codes, ICD-10 codes, and HCPCS codes. This requires extensive knowledge of medical terminology, anatomy, health insurance, regulations, coding resources and legal guidelines. Our medical coding services make sure your practice uses codes accurately and gains every potential benefit from the latest procedures.

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The number of codes for medical billing has jumped close to 144,000. In addition, the system has gone from 3-digit codes to 7-digit coding. Our coding services ensure that your practice is prepared and compliant in all cases. Our practice management services include medical coders who may also educate providers, recommend appropriate steps that help you meet federal and state requirements, and perform code audits to check the accuracy of past coding work.